High-viscosity liquids
High-viscosity liquids

For high-viscosity liquids

Eccentric screw drum pumps in stainless steel
(Versions: rigid coupling / quick-change coupling)
for pumping high-viscosity liquids e.g. resin, paints, lacquers, glue, oil, soap, shampoo, ointment, honey, sirup, tomato paste, fruit concentrate, molasse, Glucose…

Technical data

Pump tubes tube: stainless steel (SS)
strators: NBR-light, PTFE
seal: mechanical seal or packing gland
immersion depth: 1000, 1100, 1200 mm and special immension depth
Drive motors rigid or quick change coupling (QCC)
electrical 0,37 – 1,5 kW, 300 up to 900 1/min, 400 Volt / 50 Hz
pneumatical: 0,5 – 1,7 kW, up to 1000 1/min at 6 bar air pressure
Performance delivery rate max. 50 l/min
delivery head max. 8 bar
viscosity max. 100.000 mPas