Toxic liquids
Toxic liquids

For toxic liquids

Magnetic coupling
suitable for pumping toxic, gaseous and hazardous liquids due to being hermetically sealed with no leakage
Alternative: drum pumps with mechanical seal

Technical data: sealles pumping units

Pump tubes tube: polypropylen (PP), polyvinylidenfluorid (PVDF), stainless steel (SS),
hastelloy C4 (HC)
immersion depth: 700, 1000, 1200 mm and special immersion depth
Drive motors electrical p310 = 520 Watt, 230 Volt / 50 Hz,
p400 = 850 Watt, 230 Volt / 50 Hz,
pneumatical: d600 = 600 Watt at 6 bar compressed air
Performance delivery rate max. 135 l/min
delivery head max. 22 metres water column
viscosity max. 50 mPas