no inner-tube

  • easily accessible shaft
  • easy to clean
  • solid shaft
  • robust mechanical seal



 multistage design

  • therefore lower speed, less wear, lower noise and longer life
  • more stages possible for higher pressure
  • also with feed-screw for medium viscosity liquids



with feed-screw 

  • for medium-viscous liquids
  • smooth pumping of liquids
  • low noise with three-phase motor
  • high performance with universal motor



 magnetic coupling

  • hermetically sealed
  • for gaseous and dangerous liquids
  • no leakage



 quick release coupling

  • qiuck motor-pump coupling
  • only 1/8 turn
  • robust design
  • multi tooth coupling
  • suitable for aggressive environments



eccentric screw barrel pump 

  • with quick release coupling
  • removeable drive motor / possible to drive several pump drives
  • easy and safe handling with the seperate pump tube
  • no lifting device necessary